Predestined to Serve

September 6, 2018


"In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will,.."   Ephesians 1:11


Predestined-(4309)proorizo - to establish boundaries, pre-determined limits. 

Inheritance - (2820) klayro-o - assigned by lot, received a share.


Such revelation here that this just excites me to share!  Last night in our Bible study we are going through the book of Ephesians and we stumbled upon this verse that really gives us a vision of God's heart and purpose for us here at Mission of Grace, and possibly for those who are going to read this too.  

God has given us a "lot in life", we have all heard the expression. I think we need to find out what this "lot" is?  Because there is a functioning here that will help us become who we need to be and our purpose will be revealed through the receiving of our share of the inheritance.

The neat thing about this is that is has been "predestined", its already be predetermined by God's will that we should have this "lot in life" so we can be a part of something great!  I believe with all my heart that we are finding that place,  God is revealing His purposes in us and moving us into our destiny, and our destiny is to be a servant!  Wow! What a great honor! To be able to serve in the KINGDOM!   Mission of Grace has always been and will always be a place to serve. We started off small back in 2008 serving the community through the local soup kitchen, then the Salvation Army came and gave my wife an opportunity to get paid for the service we were providing!  For 5 years she served faithfully, we feed hundreds if not a thousand people during that time, and we were finding favor with God and man even given more opportunities to serve as the church officially opened at the Pinecone Campground.  We grew within the few years and God gave us a place to worship 2 doors down from the soup kitchen. And in 2013 we found ourselves moving again to Limestone St. 

Each time God has been giving us our portion, our lot so that we can serve, and look at what we are doing!

In 2013 we received a house that we have been in the process of renovating and we serve men by giving them an opportunity to get out of there present condition and help them establish a new way of life. In 2014 we had seen the need to help people get back to school so that they can get their education,so God gave us a van to drive, and then last year a BUS!! So we can serve! So far we have helped over 85 people within the last 6 years to get their GED, or college degree at Spartanburg Community College. 

So do we have a purpose here in Cherokee County? Do you see us serving the community? And are we growing and expanding our ministry to do more?  The answer to all these is YES!  

In this upcoming move we are setting our sights to do more here, we want to be an influence, we want to see change, but it's going to be in a position of service and not lording.  With greater authority comes a greater level of responsibility to serve... So we are being given again, another portion, so watch and see what God is going to do through us, as we prepare ourselves for this new season at Mission of Grace. Blessings to all my friends who help support us fianancially and through prayer.

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