Time to Engage!

October 22, 2018

Tonight's video is a challenging one, I went out on a limb and spoke the Truth in the face of being political incorrect. I am here to expose the works of darkness, and then destroy the works of the devil with the Word of God! We are given an opportunity to work while we are here on this earth and we need to recognize that maybe we are not doing the job God has given us to do. If we were, we should be seeing righteousness, peace and joy in this earth because we would be promoting the Kingdom of God and bring light that would overcome any darkness that may come. Brothers and sisters, please hear my heart, that yearns for the church to rise up and become the standard that rises up against the flood ... We are the generation that can bring forth change, but we have to stop compromising what we know is true! We have to stop sinning! and know that God is requiring righteousness, holiness and strength in the Spirit. Watch the video tonight, and share it with those who you know need to be woke up! We will be required to give an account for our lack of action. Time to repent and take our place upon the authority that God has given us. 


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December 15, 2018

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