"... till Christ is formed in you."

January 26, 2019

"My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you."  Galatians 4:19


I first must apologize for my absence from writing this blog. Things have been overwhelming over the last 3 months. If you haven't heard from social media or other media outlets, we have been up against a city ordinance that has prohibited us from moving into our new location on 312 N. Limestone St. 

So we are waiting for the opportunity to speak to the city council on Feb 11th so we can get this ordinance removed and we can continue our work for the Lord.

But during this time I feel that we are going through a "rebirthing"... being formed into something new. Paul states that his intentions is forming Christ through a birthing process. He has labored to make sure Christ is person who is being brought forth. He is not making Christians, he's birthing Christ! Is Christ being birthed in us? Are we no longer living our lives and allowing Christ to live in us?

I think we have an identity problem, actually I think we have become illegal aliens! We are living in a place that was meant for someone else and not us. 

Look at this... We state in Romans that we have died and have been buried in baptism. Then as we come up from our watery grave, we now have a new life "in Christ". If we are "in Christ" we also have "put on Christ", even Paul states "It is no longer I who live but Christ who now lives within me." 

So, who lives in the temple not made with out hands?  If our bodies are now the temple who resides within, you or Christ? 

Let us say that you still own the house, you still occupy the building.. can you see the struggle?  Christ is not going to "co-habitat" with you. You said, you decreed all kinds of things at church, you invited Him in but He is only a guest and you only gave Him a room to live in, then you wonder why He doesn't stay. 

If you are going to be a "Christian" then Christ needs to be in, fully occupying every room, in fact, you need to give Him the keys to your house, no, even more you need to sign the deed over and give Him complete ownership, then He can make the house into a home He can dwell in.

What do I mean about ownership?  Is He your Lord? Then He needs to be the "landlord"! The word Lord in the Greek is "kurios"  He exercises total ownership rights, in a sense, we no longer have ownership of our lives, we no longer have a choice. We gave up those rights when we committed our lives to Him and were baptized. It was then that we laid down our ways of doing things and are now "being formed" so Christ will take His place. Ultimately, when we are mature, we will be like Christ, and we will be in His likeness and His image. That's when we can say we are His hands and feet, when Christ is form in us. We will be strong and able to work the works our Father has for us to do. 

So in this season, while we wait for the doors to open to our new facility, let God have His way and let Him have complete ownership our our houses. Let Him form and fashion you into a place where He desires to dwell. Blessings!








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